In this section you can find a selection of bags, clutch and pochette styled and manufactured from our Italian tailors.

All the fabrics are made in Italy and include velvet, soft chenille and faux leather.

You can find velvet embroidered cuffs to be used as a bracelet or as accessories to adorn shirts or sweaters.

And, how to make order in your suitcase or drawers?

or...? how to make a gift package with taste and practicality? With our bags of course!

Wonderful and colorful fabrics bags with matching ribbons.

Have please also a good look at our fabrics pockets to make order with style!

They are useful to be hanged in the kitchen, in the bathroom or into the wardrobe.

If you prefer we can also have paper boxes coated by fabrics.

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  • Bags

    Here you can find black and camel color eco-friendly leather bags, printed velvet animalier bags, soft chenille black and beige bags and optical black and white bags,

    inside you could find  practical clutch or pochette that match prefectly with.

    They're avaliable in different sizes.

  • Sacks

    Beautiful fabric sacks, excellent to pack your gifts or to use as a storage compartment in your drawers or in your suitcase during your journeys.

    Fabrics have different shades that match with long ribbons.

    You could find different sizes upon request, usually they're cm 30 width x cm 45 height

  • Storage pockets

    Handy  storage fabric pockets.

    These items are useful both for garnish a bedroom or for storage every object that you want and keep them on hand in your bathroom or kitchen. 

    They're avaliable in many different colours: from pastels  to terracotta colours.

    Sizes could be modify upon request too.

    Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Boxes

    Paper or fabric covered boxes.

    These articles are perfect to organize your walk-in closet, but they're so beautiful that you could left them over your furnitures or on your bathroom's shelves.

    Pastels colours and shades.

    Different sizes avaliable.

  • Fabric cuffs and...

    Fabric embroidered cuffs with a black satin and velvet background.

    If you are wearing a basic black sweater and you want to make it special, you've only to wear a couple of our embroidered cuffs. 

    These items could be wear as bracelets too.

    Velcro latch.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items