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Payments and Invoices

1. Why it’s safe to buy on

When you buy on Magzero1 on line shop your personal details are completely protected: all the information requested are treated according with low, and only in order to process the order the payment and the delivery..

2. Which payment method are accepted on magzero1 on line shop

You can choose one of the following payment methods:

- Credit card

- PayPal

- Advanced payment by bank transfer

The credit card we accept are: Visa, Mastercard,Maestro,American Express,Dicover, Carta Aura. We would like to remind you that all transaction are made on a safe server, and all the information you’ll provide are protected by the highest standard of security. As confirmation of your payment receipt and that your order has been received an e-mail will be sent to you.

3.Order confirmation and invoice

As soon as your order will be completed you’ll receive an email with your order confirmation and the order invoice.

4. VAT in the products sold by Magzero1 on line-shop

All the products that are sold by Magzero1 on line-shop contain 22% of Italian VAT.