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Do you really follow us in this trip behind the scenes?...if the answer is yes you’ll find a team of young manager deeply involved in the realization of innovative clothing. Comfortable models of poncho and coats made by warm and soft wool. Pashmine made by natural fibers like Cotton and Linen.

All the fabrics that we use are Made in Como. The most famous and historical district for fabrics Made in Italy. Not less important is to know that, all the manufactory are made under the Italian flag from Italian tailor. Have a good look by yourself to our photos or even better come and visit our Outlet!

But this is just the beginning; our interior designers are creating original and very useful product for the home decoration.

We manufacture table cloths with matching napkins, runner, gloves and potholders, to decorate your kitchen or your dining room.

We can sew duvet cover, cushions, and soft blankets for your bedroom

Bespoke curtains for living area.

Embroidered towels to decorate your bathroom.

And for the most creative person a large possibility of fabrics sold by meters to create by your self your own objects.

Which is our force:

  • High quality of the materials that we use
  • Very good taste to combine the materials and colors
  • Creativity that characterize all the product Made in Italy
  • Many different kind of products that you can buy
  • And least… but not last a very good price!

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