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This section suits perfectly with creatives ideas, in fact here you will find everything you need for make your own handmade clothes, gifts and any object for your home decoration.

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  • Cuttings of fabric

    Beautiful cuttings of fabric to spread out your creativity!
    Available in a wide variety of materials: natural fibers such as silk and linen,
    soft and brilliant taffetas and satin, or colorful transparent sheers.
    You can find prints, jacquard fabrics, plain, suitable for clothing such as pashmine, skirts and jackets.
    There will be even heavier fabrics, ideal for your furniture creations like pillows.
    All our cuttings have a very big size: cm 100x70 and with the purchase of 5 pieces, the sixth is free!

  • Fabric sold by meter

    Let yourself be fascinated by the beauty and variety of our fabrics sold by meters,
    Silks, Taffetas, satin, transparent and embroidered sheers and fabrics suitable for upholstery in the most varied color tones.
    You can choose fabrics in widths of 140 cm or those in cm 300 depending on your needs.
    Quality is guaranteed by the production made entirely in Italy.


  • Edges and spun

    Do you want to embellish your old dress?
    Here's how to do it: beautiful edges are available for easy stitching on your dresses:
    Color blue for trousers or jackets in jeans, black to dress sweaters, always elegant the white on leggings or skirts...
    and how to forget the young girls? Impossible! Here is the rose.
    Also, you can find chenille cones in fashionable colors to make your garments, scarves, gloves or caps!

  • Decoupage
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Showing 1 - 12 of 699 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 699 items